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The lightweight gauging computer

QU-MO is an inexpensive option for dimensional checks, e.g. during incoming and outgoing inspections. Measuring results are stored and can be processed further immediately.


And this is how you
measure with



+ You download the application

+ You connect your selected display unit

+ You set up the desired measuring task

Measuring and evaluating

+ You reference with your sample part

+ You will see your first measuring result immediately

+ You can display and export your measuring logs very easily

Measured value collection

Automatic storage of the measuring results


Quick configuration for a changing range of tasks. Export of measuring data in different formats

Measuring data

Quick creation, measurement and storage of characteristics


Optimized for intuitive operation on a tablet or smartphone


Display of the measuring results as a graphical presentation or sortable list of results


Enclosure is suitable for industrial applications with IP54 protection, can be used in extreme environments


QU-MO software

It is very easy to ensure the quality of your products

+ Set-up and sharing of characteristics

+ Storage of component-related data

+ Display of measuring data


The workflow with QU-MO could be as follows:

You connect the measuring probe of the measurement device to QU-MO. You set up the part and the characteristic(s) that are to be measured in the QU-MO software. Subsequently, you insert the sample/master part in the measurement device and perform reference measurements.

You can now insert the test component in the measurement device, and you will receive the part characteristics in the graphical measurement overview. You can adopt these results in your report of measured values.

All measuring results will be available to you at all times. You can filter and sort these as desired. The QU-MO software provides you with quality data for further processing in Excel or as a PDF report.

One QU-MO, many connection possibilities


QU-MO in use

Even small, inconspicuous components can affect the quality of a complex and expensive end product when they are installed. Do you check your mechanically fabricated components? Do you manufacture for an end customer and must provide a quality certification? Do you document by hand and then type out the measuring results? Do you want to improve your manufacturing quality in the long term?

QU-MO will handle these tasks and prevent errors.

Try out QU-MO.

QU-MO is a measuring computer in an industrial enclosure that helps you increase your manufacturing quality, predict the necessity of the replacement of a tool and avoid waste during production. You no longer cause errors during the documentation of measuring results.

Simplify your measuring effort and take a step in the direction of digitalization.

Try out QU-MO straight away with your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

QU-MO offers:

+ Simple, quick configuration for changing tasks
+ Clearly arranged length and diameter measurements
+ Meaningful visualization of all measuring results
+ High measuring accuracy
+ Variable data export

Try out QU-MO straight away with your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

This is how:

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Arrange a presentation date and enjoy a presentation of QU-MO.


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About us

PROMESS Gesellschaft für produktionstechnisches Messen mbH, in short “PROMESS”, is a medium-sized company from Berlin in Germany and has been on the market for more than 40 years. PROMESS has specialized itself on the development and manufacture of multipoint measuring devices and systems as well as software applications that have been adapted to individual customer requirements. These units and systems are utilized in industrial large-scale production.

The goal is quality assurance by monitoring the manufacturing process. The documentation of production data serves to ensure their traceability. In addition to hardware and software, PROMESS also offers services in the form of individual advice and project management.

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